Power Plant All Purpose Cleaner

Power Plant All Purpose Cleaner

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Keep it clean and green!  This powerful powder contains plant and mineral sourced ingredients for safe and effective cleaning. It is 100% biodegradable, so you don't have to feel guilty flushing or using it outside.  Makes your home smell like a spa, too!  It's very concentrated, so use just a teaspoon per bucket for general cleaning. Use straight for a serious job, but most of the time you will dilute this in water.

Add hot water to dissolve more quickly. Then add the rest of your water. 


Sprinkle a little in your toilet bowl and swish. Leave until the next flush to allow it to work.

Place a teaspoon on a scrubby to remove soap scum from shower doors.

Put a touch on your kitchen washcloth to give those counter tops a final freshening.

Put 1 tablespoon or more into your wash bucket for floors, walls, whatever!

Use 1/4 cup or more to freshen a stinky wash load.

Great for cleaning and freshening your refrigerator.

Add a teaspoon or more along with your regular detergent to freshen a stinky automatic dishwasher.

Make a paste and work into stains and leave up to 6 hours.

 *Caution-this product smells really yummy (like fresh lemons), so please take care to keep far away from children or pets.     


Comes in a 14oz container. Keep product capped tightly and do not let water into container to maintain product strength.