What our customers are saying...

"Easy on my skin, long lasting bar that smells amazing!" A.T.

Regarding SLICK Shave and Beard Bar:

"I've been using this soap for shaving in combination with a badger hair brush. I have yet to find a shave soap that lathers as much or as thick as this. I am still using the first bar I purchased almost a year ago and still have about half of it left. Nothing works better with a straight razor than this."

"The only soap I'll use now! Also, fell in LOVE with the conditioner bar. I won't ever go back to bottle conditioner (I have long middle of my back, curly-q hair)."  LW 

Thanks so much, your lavender spray is the best. I spray it at the end of Yoga classes and the students love it. I had one guy say, "i don't usually like lavender, or any scent, but that one was great!" So, rock on!   BT  

"The first time i tried this soap i was amazed.. my husband got it from the farmers market. It leaves my skin soft not dried out, and the aroma is awesome. I have tried other soaps that say "leaves your skin as soft as a baby's" well they didn't. But the soap from your company does. Thank you for being honest, and most of all for using ALL natural ingredients. I am always going to buy from you from now on."  J.S. 

"Hey!! I just wanted to give you a shout out!! I LOVE YOUR SOAP!
I was shopping at the Milwaukee Public Market and found some very amazing soap. I wasn't necessarily looking for soap but so happy I decided to buy some! I honestly will NOT go back to using modern day harsh soaps! I'm looking forward to trying new products! Thanks for your creation. Thanks for helping our world. I appreciate you!"  L.R.

"I just wanted to let you know that when I was in Milwaukee earlier this year I purchased your coconut oil and some shaving soap. What fabulous products. I love that you're a local company and have fantastic products. Unfortunately I'm in Australia, but if I ever get back to the Cream City, you'll be my first stop to stock up!"  C.

"Bought some bars of soap that smell divine. Cant wait to use them. Love what you do and what you stand for!"  W.R 

"I purchased the hydrosol in rose.  LOVE it!   Makes my skin so soft. Also got the patchouli mist and does it last FOREVER!  Love your stuff.  I will be buying online!"  K.T. 

"Stopped by your shop last Saturday and I LOVE the soaps I bought! I have sensitive skin so the soaps really help with that. Makes my skin feel great and soft and smell awesome! I'll definitely order more! Thanks!"  N.N. 

"This is the best soap in the world!   D.R.S. 

"If I do not have Cream City Soap Tub Bubblers at night in my bath, I CAN'T SLEEP.  My husband is always checking my stash to make sure it's always filled or we call Anita and get it quick!!!!!  The products are amazing...made the right way to last long, especially the soaps!  Nirvana is my go to Tub Bubbler thanks to Anita's suggestion.  I still cherish the Sweet Orange and Lavender too!"  M.N.  

From The Friendly Neighborhood Cat Lady:


Attention Milwaukee dwellers, small business lovers, and vegans world wide!

 It’s tough to find a body care company that doesn’t employ sweatshop/cheap labor, uses quality/small batch ingredients, makes the products by hand, is local, cruelty free, and affordable. However I managed to find one!

Cream City Soap Company (located in Grand Avenue Mall)* is all of those things and more! I’ve met the owner, a wonderful woman from the Milwaukee area, who truly has a passion for quality ingredients and worthwhile products. She sells everything from soaps to household cleaners, all handmade right here in Wisconsin. The first time I walked in, she answered all my questions thoroughly, and even let me take some of the products I was interested in home, so I could try them before making a purchase. The prices are incredibly reasonable, especially in comparison to other similar companies like Lush, Yes To, or Kiss My Face. Beyond that, everything I’ve purchased from CCSC has lasted much longer than I anticipated. I’m currently still working through my Daily Body Buffer, Clove and Ginger Soap, and Face Treat, the latter of which was given to me as a free sample when I first stumbled in the store nearly a month ago. I couldn’t be happier with the products, as is probably evident considering I’m taking the time to tell you all about the company.

If you want to do the right thing for your body, the environment, and your community, Cream City Soap Company should absolutely be your one stop shop for all your bathroom needs!

*Note that This was a temporary pop-up store at Grand Avenue Mall in Milwaukee, and we no longer have a store there.