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Cream City Soap Company

Solid Conditioners

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Behentrimonium methosulfate (plant-based conditioner), cetearyl alcohol (fatty acid), 100% natural fragrance from essential oils, panthenol (vitamin B-5 precursor).


There are many benefits to using a solid conditioner, but I can't think of a down-side. Water-free means no plastic container, and no preservatives.

Easy to use!  After shampooing, just slide along hair strands from top to bottom. You don't need much, it is very concentrated. Add a little more water to your hair and massage in as usual. Rinse well. Your hair will comb out easily, and be soft, clean and bouncy.

This little puck contains no preservatives, so please allow to dry between uses.

Sylvan scent is deep and smoky. 

Nirvana is sweetly spicy and meditative.

Peace is reminiscent of vanilla, with juicy citrus top notes.

Net weight 2 ounces. This product will last as long as a 40 oz. bottle of traditional liquid conditioner.