Raw Material Monday: Labdanum

Raw Material Monday: Labdanum

Welcome back to Raw Material Monday! This week we are going to take a look at an essential oil that many are unaware of. We would like to introduce you to labdanum.

Labdanum is a sticky resin extracted from the twigs of the Cistus ladanifer and Cistus creticus shrubs, species of rockrose. It originated in mountainous Mediterannean regions, primarily in Spain, France, Morocco, and Cyprus.  In ancient times, shepherds were the main gatherers of Labdinum after they noticed the resin collecting on the beards and thighs of their grazing goats and sheep.  They later created a tool to easily gather the resin off of the shrubs, named a lambadistrion (labdanum-gatherer).

 The tool was swept across the shrubs, collecting the labdanum as it ran past the twigs. The collected labdanum was then sold to costal traders. The resin was primarily used as an ingredient in incense, and medically to treat colds, coughs, menstrual problems, and rheumatism. Percy Newberry, a specialist of ancient Egypt, believed that the false beards worn by Osiris, and pharaohs might have originally emulated a "labdanum-laden goat's beard".

The modern uses of labdanum have not changed much since the ancient times, staying mostly within the perfume industry. Its ability to calm the mind and ease stress make its benefits similar to lavender.  

Here at Cream City Soap Company, we include labdanum in specific blends, as its unique scent meshes well with other common essential oils.


Sources:    https://healthyfocus.org/6-uses-for-labdanum-essential-oil/




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