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Votive Candles

Votive Candles

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Soy wax

Essential oils


These 2 oz votive candles are long lasting with a 14 hour burn time.  Made with soy wax and pure essential oils.  

Soy wax is a renewable resource, and is not derived from petroleum products. These candles have all cotton wicks, and have no synthetic colors or scents.  Scent is clean, fresh and natural, not overpowering or cloying.

Comes in small glass jar, with 2 oz. of soy wax by weight.

Note: Prepare the candle wick properly to ensure the candle burns cleanly and lasts for a long time. Trim wick to 1/3 inch. Light candle and inspect flame after a minute or so. Try to light candle in a protected area away from wind. Flame should not flicker or smoke. It should be still and clean burning.

If it flickers and smokes: This is probably because wick has been cut too long. Carefully shorten the wick to about 1/3 inch.

If the flame is small and wax is not melting away from the sides of the glass container the wick is too short. What your candles are doing is called "tunneling'. This is not the optimal way for candles to burn. The problem is that the flame is not large and hot enough to melt all of the surrounding wax. To fix, scrape away enough wax over the entire candle so that there is about 1/3 inch length of wick exposed. Light the candle and check that the flame is not flickering or smoking. 

When your candle is all used up, remove excess wax, and wash container in hot, soapy water.  You can then re-use this as a tea light holder, pencil holder, or even to enjoy a good shot of bourbon.

As with all candles, never leave unattended, and keep away from children.


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