Hair Care

Hair care doesn't need to be so complicated. Hair needs gentle but thorough cleansing, and most hair types need a conditioner to keep hair silky, shiny and tangle-free. Please be nice to your hair by treating it very gently, especially when wet. Saturation with water makes hair very vulnerable to breakage by rough handling with combs or brushes. Your hair may benefit from drying it without combing. It may surprise you how few tangles there are!

Our hair care products do not contain any animal products, artificial colors, or artificial fragrances. They are 100% biodegradable.

Leaving the water out of our solid shampoos and conditioners means that we don't need a plastic bottle, nor any preservatives. These are perfect for travel; no leaking in your luggage, no problems with the TSA.  If you are camping, you can use these in the lake or ocean, as the ingredients are completely biodegradable.

You can feel good about using these innovative hair care products!

To keep your shampoo fresh, please allow to dry between uses.  Keep away from constant shower spray, and avoid letting it sit in a wet puddle. Our soap trays work great for solid hair products!